30 april 2014

the glove

Looking up in the main shopping street (the 'Steenstraat') in Bruges.

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28 april 2014


A picture from last Saturday while hiking in the Onnerpolder, a wide nature area in the province Groningen.

26 april 2014

from the archives #14

Finland (2007)

Watching reindeer watching us, while impressive clouds were promising rain and wind in the Urho Kekkonen National Park, in northern Finland.

25 april 2014

round reflection

The reflection in one of the chandeliers inside the Nieuwe Kerk at the Dam square in Amsterdam.

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22 april 2014

Spring fun fair

Blue skies above the Ferris wheel on the Dam square in Amsterdam, last Saturday.

21 april 2014

World Press Photo 14

Last Saturday I visited the World Press Photo exhibition at the 15th century Nieuwe Kerk ('New Church'), at the Dam square in Amsterdam. The exhibition features over 150 remarkable photographs in 9 categories.
Somehow the setting of a church adds so much to this photo exhibition, like the Der-Aa Church in Groningen that hosted the WPP last November. (click HERE to see a few images from my visit there).
If you happen to be in Amsterdam, it's recommendable.

20 april 2014

safety door

This is inside the Beurs van Berlage, in the centre of Amsterdam. The building was designed as a commodity exchange and constructed around 1900. This was no doubt the entrance of one of the vaults, currently used as exhibition room displaying '100 years of advertising' with famous people from the Netherlands.

19 april 2014

from the archives #13

Norway (2009)

A view to the shore seen from the car deck of a ferry, somewhere in northern Norway.

Happy Easter everyone!

18 april 2014

De Oude Remise

The renovated building that you see here is known as 'De Oude Remise' ('The Old Roundhouse'). It was once in use by the National Railway for servicing locomotives here in this town Bad Nieuweschans. The building dates from 1877 and had enough room inside for 12 locomotives.
From 1948 until 1980 the local bus company used it as their garage. Nowadays it's officially a heritage site and is home to a grand café, a tourist and archeological information site, and the (see and do) Lego Museum Bricks Art.

17 april 2014

16 april 2014

De Koetse

Signs like these are everywhere in Bruges, so hope you like them as much as I do as I will continue to post them the coming Wednesdays :)
This is another one from a hotel in the city centre, from 'De Koetse'  (more or less literally 'The Carriage')

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15 april 2014

sculpture and fountain

I'm not sure I have seen a sculpture with bicycles before, so I had to stop and photograph it! ;)  It is one of four groups of large and impressive sculptures circling the fountain.
The location is 't Zand, one of the biggest squares in the city of Bruges, Belgium.

14 april 2014

Monastery mural

Following up on yesterday's post about the former Ter Apel Monastery, nowadays a museum, I would like to show you another photo that I took. This is one of the rooms that was used as an infirmary.

Can you see where the room ends and where the mural starts? Only the bed in the front is real, the rest is a wall size mural.

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13 april 2014

choir stalls

This is a detail of the original choir stalls used by monks in the former Monastery in Ter Apel. Some of the chairs have decorated faces, picturing both human virtues -the nun at the left stands for devotion, as well as sins -the ears stand for curiosity.

The Monastery, start and end of our hike today, was built in 1465 and is located along the ancient trade route from Münster (in Germany) to the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. It was once a place of hospitality and dedication for passing travellers and pilgrims. Nowadays the historic building is a Museum for Monastery, Church History and Religious Art. 

12 april 2014

11 april 2014


The Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen has a nice collection of 'gapers'. A gaper is a stone or wooden head on the front of a building in the Netherlands, indicating that this building is a pharmacy. The literal translation would be 'yawner', as the figure is always displayed with an open mouth, and sometimes you can see a pill he has taken resting on his tongue. In fact he wasn't yawning, but opening his mouth to take medicine.

9 april 2014

hotel sign

'Oud huis Amsterdam' ('Old house Amsterdam') is a hotel in Bruges.

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8 april 2014

7 april 2014

skipping ropes

Old fashioned jump ropes -or skipping ropes- for sale at the small outdoor market, in the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen.

6 april 2014

women's caps

We visited the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen today, and learned all there is to tell about the people who once lived on the shores of the Zuiderzee. The exhibitions focus on the themes of water, craft and communities. One of the rooms in the indoor museum showed a variety of folk costumes that people from several fishing towns used to wear in the past, and in some cases even wear today. The caps on the photo are made of lace and belong to the traditional folk costume for women. In Dutch a cap like this is called 'hul'.

5 april 2014

from the archives #11

Harz - Germany (1995)

When searching for a photo for today I found this one from nearly 20 years ago, taken during a trip we made by motorbike in the Harz in Germany. This food truck (most likely a former army field kitchen) called 'KUKKI'S' was on a parking place, serving 'Erbsensuppe mit Bockwurst': pea soup with German sausage.
Can't remember if the food was good, but I'm sure it tasted great :)

4 april 2014

city tour

If you would like to try something different, why not do a city tour by Segway? These 2 tourists and their guide were exploring Bruges.

3 april 2014


Late afternoon shadows in the village Schiermonnikoog, on the island Schiermonnikoog.

2 april 2014

silence please

The béguinage ('begijnhof' in Dutch) in Bruges is a lovely and peaceful place, and is visited by many tourists each day.
The collection of small buildings around a courtyard was used by Beguines. These were  sisterhoods of the Roman Catholic church, and the women who lived here could serve God without retiring from the world.

Signs like these, and there are many (!), ask you to respect silence in this place.

For more signs go to signs, signs.

1 april 2014

25 years at the office

Today was a special day: I celebrated my 25th anniversary at the office! My colleagues had decorated my desk abundantly and together we enjoyed eating this cake. On it is (or should I say: 'was') an edible photo made in the early 1990's with my colleagues at that time.  :)