30 december 2018

Roof tops

View from the top floor of The Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics in Leeuwarden.

29 december 2018

KLM houses

For a long time, KLM has been giving every passenger flying business class a miniature earthenware Delft Blue house filled with gin. Each house is the likeness of an existing Dutch house. Every year, KLM releases a new miniature around 7 October, on the occasion of its founding date in 1919. Meanwhile, the Delftware houses have become true collectors' items. There are 93 different types, if you'd like to read more click HERE.
The collection above belongs to The Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics in Leeuwarden, that I visited today. I have never travelled business class so I haven't got any myself :)

28 december 2018

Chihuly Icicle Tower

'Chandeliers (like the one on the photo in a previous post) and Towers are perhaps the best example of Chihuly's desire to mass and control color on a grand scale. Unlike traditional chandeliers, they reflect light instead of emitting it.' (Museum info)

Go see the exhibition in the Groninger Museum if you have the chance. Happy Friday! :)

27 december 2018

Foggy countryside

Two more photos from yesterday. Here we are on foot on our way to Bronneger, a hamlet near Borger.

The weather still allows cattle to be outside.

26 december 2018

Foggy day

Fine conditions for a hike or (as for the gentleman coming towards us) a bicycle ride and get some fresh air! Photo taken earlier today on a quiet country road just outside the village of Borger.

23 december 2018

Chihuly Icicle Chandelier

The current major exhibition in the Groninger Museum exists of 16 installations of sensational glass creations by Americal artist Dale Chihuly (1941). His series of Chandeliers and Towers are assembled with multiple hand-blown glass forms mounted to a steel armature.

More to follow in the coming days. Check the link to the museum's website HERE.

22 december 2018


Next to the Christmas tree in the hall of Groningen Central Station -see yesterday's photo- was a piano. This girl played for about 15 minutes, while her friend encouraged her and sang along. It was very sweet.

19 december 2018


Bicycle path along the Zuiderdiep in Nieuw Buinen, the final photo from last Sunday.

18 december 2018


On foot, following the bicycle path along the Noorderdiep in Nieuw Buinen.

17 december 2018

Westerdiep view

The homes at the Westerdiep (see yesterday's post) in Nieuw Buinen have a wide view.
PS. Yesterday's snow is gone already.

16 december 2018

FIrst snow of the season

The Westerdiep at the edge of the village of Nieuw Buinen, earlier today.

15 december 2018

Vulcanic grill

Lanzarote restaurant 'El Diablo' was built next to a vulcano and is located in the heart of Timanfaya National Park. With a large grill put over a vulcanic opening, they use heat coming directly from the earth. When we were there, potatoes and chicken were being prepared.
The most recent vulcanic eruption on the island took place in 1824.

14 december 2018

Self portrait

In 1970 César Manrique created this 'Autorretrato'. It is now on the walls inside the Fundación César Manrique in the village of Tahiche, Lanzarote.

12 december 2018

Wind sculptures by César Manrique

Driving around on Lanzarote you can't miss the art works made by local artist and architect César Manrique (1919-1992). Several roundabouts have spectacular wind sculptures that make you want to stop and look, and study them to find out how clever they are. The one above gently moves forwards and backwards in the breeze..

..and here everything just turns around in both directions; so not just in the direction the winds blows but actually in opposite directions.

9 december 2018

It's the season

Coming from the Netherlands we are not used to the combination of Summer temperatures and the Christmas spirit, but yes it was really that time of year :)

8 december 2018

Lago Verde

Lago Verde ('The Green Lake') near the fishing village of El Golfo. The remarkable green colour is caused by algae that live in the water.

This photo was taken from the same spot as the first one, only a little more to the left.

7 december 2018


Obviously the conditions for paragliding and hang gliding were very good on (or should I say 'above') the island of Lanzarote, as we spotted them frequently. This photo was taken from the viewpoint at Mirador del Rio.. 

..and here we witnessed a landing at Famara Beach.

1 december 2018

Lanzarote cactus garden

Photo taken at the far edge of the 'Jardin de Cactus' or Cactus Garden, on the island of Lanzarote -one of the Spanish Canary Islands- where we enjoyed a sunny and warm holiday.