20 oktober 2017

More mushrooms

We found -and photographed- so many mushrooms the past week! They came in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours; alone or grouped together. Apparently the conditions for them this Autumn are good. So, more to follow!

19 oktober 2017

Loenermark nature

Both views were taking during our hike in the Loenermark nature area, just outside the village of Loenen. And it's easy to fall in love with lovely country houses like these! :)

The area has dense forests and large heather fields. Even though it belongs to the Veluwe it was totally new for us.

18 oktober 2017

Morning sun

We came back this afternoon from a wonderful short holiday in the Veluwe, a large forest-rich area in the Dutch province of Gelderland. We enjoyed summer-like temperatures, unusual for this time of year and it felt like a real treat! This photo shows the golden glow of an early morning sun, near Loenen.

11 oktober 2017

Garden mushrooms

Aren´t they sweet!? They reappear in the back of our our garden each Autumn and grow on wood chips..

No sight of little elfs dancing around though... I guess they were camera shy ;)

10 oktober 2017

Beach view

View on the beach and North Sea from one of the beach restaurants near Callantsoog. I like the birds that were placed there next to the tables, all shaped from wire. And how about that rain shower in the distance! We kept it dry though - the rain didn't come ashore.

9 oktober 2017

Low tide

I really liked this reflection pattern on the North Sea beach at low tide. Photo taken a few weeks ago near Callantsoog.

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8 oktober 2017

View from the dike..

..near the village of Petten, along the Dutch North Sea coast.

7 oktober 2017

In the country

The country side between the villages of Borger and Bronneger, not so far from where we live. A photo from last Sunday.

6 oktober 2017

Sneek Waterpoort

So this is the Sneek Waterpoort (Water Gate) I mentioned in my previous posts. I stood on the middle of a bridge taking this photo to include some of the pretty flower baskets that were still hanging on the side. There on the left is the same bridge that you saw on yesterday's photo -here opened as well as you can see. The Waterpoort was built in 1613, after a defensive wall had been built around Sneek in the 15th and 16th century. The gate formed a part of the city walls, but when large parts of these were taken down in the 18th century, it was decided to leave the Waterpoort as it was.

Above the gate, which originally would have had wooden fences, is a gallery, and above that were the quarters of the gatekeeper. On each side is an octagonal tower. (info from Wikipedia)
The gate is listed as a National Heritage Site, or Rijksmonument in Dutch.

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5 oktober 2017

Canal view

View onto a canal named 'De Kolk' in Sneek, seen from the monumental Waterpoort, or Water Gate.

And while we were standing there the bridge opened to let several boats pass. I will post some photos of the Waterpoort tomorrow.

4 oktober 2017

Sneek maritime museum

The Fries Scheepvaart Museum is a maritime museum in Sneek, offering collections of old sailing ship models, naval paintings, and silver pieces.

This larger model was exhibited in a glass display, have a look at the details!

3 oktober 2017

Lunch location

Here we are inside the former court building at the Marktstraat in Sneek, now a restaurant. Justice was rendered here from 1839 -the year in which the building was built- until 1877. After that it became a cantonal court until it closed in 2013.

It was a nice location to have lunch!

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1 oktober 2017


A street called Waterpoortsgracht, seen from the Waterpoort ("Water Gate"). in Sneek. It was still dry here!
Sneek is a city in the province of Friesland and well known for its canals.

30 september 2017

A rainy afternoon..

..but I love how the Autumn colours are starting to show! Photo taken earlier today in Sneek.

29 september 2017

View from the Reidehoeve visitor center

Adjacent to the Joh.Kerkhovenpolder, of which I told you in my previous posts, is the Breebaartpolder. This 63 hectares (155 acres) large piece of land was transformed into a polder in 1979, and has become known for its extensive bird life. Visitors find paths for hiking and cycling, a hut for birdwatching, and a visitor center called Reidehoeve. The photo above was taken through one of the windows of the visitor center, where -as you can see- the window sills were also used for exhibiting items.

28 september 2017

Social sofa

This mosaic bench in Woldendorp is one of ten social sofas in ten different villages along the Dutch Wadden Sea coast. Inhabitants were asked to bring ideas for a design that should fit to the theme "Wadden Sea coast".

The social sofas are part of a project called Kiek Over Diek (local dialect for "view over the dike"). The project was started to make the natural and landscape elements of this area, that is on the Unesco World Heritage list though not widely known, more visible to people.

27 september 2017

Johannes Kerkhovenpolder

If you enjoy wide views, the countryside of the province of Groningen is where you should be! Like yesterday's photos this one also shows the Johannes Kerkhovenpolder. Johannes Kerkhoven was a banker from Amsterdam who had bought these lands to create a polder.  His ambitious plans were carried out by his heirs though, as Kerkhoven passed away before the project started in 1875.

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26 september 2017


Our hike brought us in the Johannes Kerkhovenpolder in north-east Groningen. This area was turned into a polder in 1875/1876 so there would be no danger anymore to be overflown by the Dollard (see also yesterday's post).
The ground in this coastal region consists of marine clay which is very fertile and used for agriculture, like potatoes and sugar beets.

These sugar beets are waiting to be collected and taken to the Suikerunie (a sugar factory) in Groningen where it will be processed.

25 september 2017

Dike and Dollard

Our hike yesterday went partly along the Dollard, a bay in the Wadden Sea which forms the border between the (northern part of the) Netherlands and Germany. Most of it dries at low tide, which was obviously the case when we were there.

Lots of sheep on the dike and at some points we had to zigzag between their droppings ;)

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24 september 2017

Woldendorp church

We started our hike today in Woldendorp, a village in the far north east of the Netherlands and part of the municipality of Delfzijl. This is the Petruskerk (St Peter Church), originally dating from the 13th century. During WW2 the church was badly damaged and needed a lot of renovation work after the war. The grave stones we saw were all from the early 19th century.

The church facade seen from the other side.

The side entrance was a beautiful wooden door.

23 september 2017

22 september 2017

Lange Jaap lighthouse

View on Huisduinen, a small village near Den Helder at the point where the North Sea becomes the Wadden Sea. Across the water in the distance is the island of Texel. The lighthouse is called "Lange Jaap"("Long James"), a cast iron tower constructed in 1822. At a height of 55 m it is one of the tallest traditional lighthouses in the world.

Seen from the other side. I'm linking to Skywatch Friday.

21 september 2017

Kijkduin sea aquarium

From the eight vaults inside Fortress Kijkduin (see also yesterday's post), two are now set up as a sea aquarium. Being there it was so hard to imagine that once soldiers resided here, that there was a shooting gallery, a gun powder room, and everything that was needed in a war..

Visitors walk through a 12 m long underwater tunnel, which was really wonderful. The aquarium, which opened in 1996, is entirely focused on life in the North Sea, so all fish are "local".

20 september 2017

Fortress Kijkduin

We visited Fortress Kijkduin last weekend, located in the dunes of Huisduinen just south of the village of Den Helder. After Napoleon visited Den Helder in 1811 he became aware of the strategic importancy of the town, and wanted to create a big marine harbour here. The fortress in its original form was built in his command.

Nowadays the fortress is a museum, and learning about the history of the fortress and its residents made it an interesting visit. It also played a big role during WW2. The first photo was taken wandering through one of the narrower vaults which had blue lights, and the second photo shows one of the fortress entrances.

19 september 2017

Beach restaurant

The walls and even the ceiling of this beach restaurant near Callantsoog were filled with "sea things" and other stuff.

Fish was swimming everywhere ;)

Colourful art near the entrance stairs of the restaurant.

18 september 2017

Callantsoog beach

At the North Sea beach near the village of Callantsoog last weekend. Dark skies behind us but we were lucky to see the clouds pass us without rain :)

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16 september 2017

Dwingelderveld sheep

Most of the sheep of this flock at the Dwingelderveld was in the shade of the tree. When we stood still for a while to watch them they noticed us and started to turn their heads towards us.

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15 september 2017


View from a bridge to a bridge to a bridge...   ;)  Photo taken a few weeks ago while out on my bicycle near the village of Stadskanaal.

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14 september 2017

Leeuwarden city street

View into the Grote Kerkstraat on a quiet moment in the city centre of Leeuwarden.

13 september 2017


A pair of glasses made an eye-catching sign..

..in this narrow street in Ribe, Denmark. If I remember well it was on the facade of a real estate agent, most likely the former location of an optician. Both photos were taken last August.

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12 september 2017

Zuidveld bridge

This is the Zuidveld draw bridge crossing the Ruiten-Aa canal in Zuidveld, a hamlet in the Westerwolde region. The word on the bridge 'Zuidveldsluis' refers to the nearby lock, outside the photo.

11 september 2017

Monday Mural

During a recent visit to the City of Leeuwarden I found this mural on an electricity box. It pictures the 'Onze Lieve Vrouwepoort' (The 'Our Lady Gate'), one of three old city gates that originally date from the 15th century.

The mural was an initiative made possible by a local Community Forum that takes care of the liveablity in the city centre.

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