30 april 2016

From the archives #69

Wales (2014)
During our stay in Wales a few Summers ago we visited the "Red Kite Feeding & Rehabilitation Centre" at the Gigrin Farm near the market town of Rhayader. Red Kites ("rode wouw" in Dutch) that are wounded or sick are taken care of here. Red kites are medium-large birds of prey that can be recognised quite easily by their long forked tail which is twisting as they change direction.

Once a day the red kites are being fed; pieces of meat are spread out across a field. Visitors are welcome to view the swooping kites from bird hides. A spectacular sight!
More about the Red Kite Centre in mid-Wales can be found HERE.

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29 april 2016

Skywatch Friday

I had this view from the passenger seat while we were driving near Zwolle on highway A28, late last Sunday afternoon. It had been a cold day with rain and hailstorms, and it clearly wasn´t over yet!

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28 april 2016

Jopie Huisman Museum

As I mentioned a few days ago I visited the Jopie Huisman Museum when I was in Workum. Jopie Huisman (1922-2000) was a proud Frisian and self-taught painter with a lot of compassion for people and a great love for Workum. He liked to share his colourful paintings with others, but he never cared for selling his artwork. In 1985 his friends took the initiative to open a permanent exhibition showing his paintings and drawings.

During the audio-tour in the museum, Jopie tells about his work and his life, and explains how he views his own paintings. The combination of beautiful art and his stories make this exhibition called "Jopie's Paradys" so good and really worth a visit.

The first photo shows rag-and-bone man Euzie, who walked many miles each day to earn his living. He wore his oversized coat like a home and never suffered from the winter-cold. Jopie said that one day of Euzie's life impressed him more than the whole life of Joseph Luns (Dutch Mininster of Foreign Affairs from 1952-1971 and Secretary General of NATO from 1971-1984).
The second photo shows Jopie's close friend Sjoerd, with a face expressing both sorrow and joy.

27 april 2016

Hotel sign

Arriving in the centre of Workum, a small village in the south-west of Friesland, last Saturday. On the left is Restaurant Hotel De Gulden Leeuw..

..with a nice sign that immediately caught my attention :)

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And for my Dutch viewers: Happy King's Day!

26 april 2016

April snow

We woke up in a white world this morning! H took this photo from the magnolia in our garden around 8 am.

25 april 2016


This photo was taken at the train station in Workum last Saturday afternoon. Bright sun at that time. Sunday and today however it seems Winter has come back; we have had hail and sleet snow, and when I drove home at 5 pm this afternoon the outside temperature had dropped to 1°C (33,8°F)! Radio-traffic information warned for slippery roads as accidents happened already.

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24 april 2016


In the village of Workum, in the southwest of the province of Friesland, yesterday afternoon.

Workum received city rights in 1374, and currently has around 4,000 inhabitants. It is known for having a museum dedicated to the very well-known local painter Jopie Huisman, but more about that later.

23 april 2016

From the archives #68

Wyoming, USA (2015)
After arriving in Jackson (Wyoming) we had a look around and found this store that was filled from top to bottom with wooden furniture. How about this robust four-poster bed?

22 april 2016

Green and blue

One of the Grape Hyacinths in the lawn at the back of our house, this afternoon. In Dutch we call them "Blauwe Druifjes".

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21 april 2016

Wagon with Portraits

This work of art is named "Wagon with Portraits" and stands in front of the Nijenhuis Castle in Heino/Weihe. The heads were created by Dutch sculpturor Cornelis Rogge (1932). Somehow it really appeals to me!
In the background is the entrance of the museum.

20 april 2016


This hot-air balloon went right over our home about half an hour ago, at around 7:30 pm. How about this cloudless BLUE sky, it's a perfect evening for a balloon ride!

19 april 2016

From a Sunday walk

A sunny path in a park near the village of Eelde, photo taken Sunday a week ago.

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18 april 2016

Window of my Eyes

"Window of my Eyes" was the biggest hit of Cuby and the Blizzards (or: Cuby + Blizzards) and it is also the name of the current exhibition at the Drents Museum in Assen. C+B were a Dutch blues group, founded in 1964 by vocalist Harry Muskee and guitarist Eelco Gelling. Their music included blues and rock and roll, with a sound that was completely different from any other Dutch band in the same period.

Harry "Cuby" Muskee would have celebrated his 75th birthday in 2016 (he died of cancer in 2011), which was enough reason for the Drents Museum to honour the Dutch blues legend. The exhibition shows his youth, his music, performances, travels, album covers, and much more.
I am or was not a fan of C+B, but I really enjoyed seeing the exhibition. Both photos give a small impression.

16 april 2016

From the archives #67

Belgium (2015)
This guy put smiles on the faces of both kids AND adults. A photo from June last year taken in the streets of Antwerp.

Happy weekend!

15 april 2016

14 april 2016

Ceiling art

Earlier this months I showed you photos taken inside and outside the Nijenhuis Castle. This is another view up to the ceiling inside one of the rooms.

13 april 2016


Two giant beach-chairs and a sign on a roundabout in Hoek van Holland pointing us to the `Strand' ('Beach'). Hoek van Holland is a village at the North Sea coast, and this photo was taken from the car last Summer.

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12 april 2016

Friesche Veen

Our hike last Sunday started in the village of Eelde (just south of Groningen city) and part of it led us through the Friesche Veen wetland area. At the end of this bridge was a small island and a bird hide.

Standing on the bridge looking to our left there is "Huize Weltevreden" in the distance. A bit difficult to translate but it would be something like "Home Well-Satisfied". No need to say more..  :)

11 april 2016

Swan nest

We spotted this swan on her nest surrounded by reed in the wetland area Friesche Veen, just north of the villages Eelde and Paterswolde, during our hike yesterday. Walking past we kept as quiet as we could so not to disturb her.

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10 april 2016

Bähler-Boerma Bench

Students of the Terra Agricultural College designed this Gaudi-like "social sofa" on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of "Ons Dorpshuis" ("Our Church Hall") in the village of Eelde.

Ons Dorpshuis in Eelde is the oldest church hall in the Netherlands, and it was founded by Mrs G. Bähler-Boerma in 1915. The mosaic bench (known as "Bähler-Boerma Bench") was placed here in April 2015, next to the new roundabout near Ons Dorpshuis.

9 april 2016

From the archives #66

(Canada- 2012)
During our stay in Banff (Alberta) we took the gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain to enjoy the majestic view on the Rocky Mountains.
And while tourists came and went, 2 men were busy working on the structure. Can you see one of them standing there? What a job they have!

Happy weekend 😀 

8 april 2016


Reflections in a huge stainless-steel ball in the garden of the Nijenhuis Castle, in Heino/Weihe.

The ball is named "Rawsome!" and was created by Ronald Westerhuis (1971). Before it came here it was displayed at the Lowlands Festivals of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Lowlands is an annual three day music and performing arts festival in the Netherlands.

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7 april 2016

Nature here, industry there

A photo from a few weeks ago with a view across the Dollard Bay to the coast of Germany. Nature on our side, industry on the German side.

6 april 2016


This is a harpsichord (clavecimbel in Dutch) with a painting on it by Joop Moesman (1909-1988), a Dutch painter who is famous for his works in surrealistic style. It is part of the collection of The Nijenhuis Castle and museum De Fundatie.

The harpsichord produces sound by plucking a string when a key is pressed. It was widely used in Renaissance and Baroque music. During the late 18th century, it gradually dissappeared from the musical scene with the rise of the piano.

5 april 2016

Green archway

In the gardens of the Nijenhuis Castle, last Sunday. It must be nice and cool here on a hot Summer day..

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4 april 2016

Painted ceiling

Looking up to the wooden ceiling in one of the rooms inside The Nijenhuis Castle. I´m not sure if this can be regarded as a "mural", but I love how it's done so..

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3 april 2016

Nijenhuis Castle

We visited Kasteel Het Nijenhuis (The Nijenhuis Castle) today, one of the best preserved manor houses in the province of Overijssel. It is situated between the villages of Heino and Wijhe. Its history began in the late Middle Ages, the first record dating from 1382. The castle was occupied by various noble families, though after the estate had been sold by the Van Pallandt family in 1934, it fell into disrepair. On initiative by collector Dirk Hannema the castle was restored and converted into an architect-designed museum. Nowadays it is one of the locations of Museum De Fundatie. Besides the castle itself the statue garden is impressive, more photos will follow. 

The castle seen from another angle. Isn't the tree enormous!?

2 april 2016

From the archives #65

(Yorkshire, U.K. - 2014)
After a pause of almost a year I am continuing with my "From the archives"-series today, with a photo from August 2014 taken at the Newgate Market in York (UK). This daily open market is also known as the Shambles Market. Wherever we are, I always enjoy strolling around on a local market, how about you?

Have a wonderful weekend!

1 april 2016

More Magnolia

Last Friday I showed you the magnolia in our garden, ready to go wild. Well, it has begun! Not all the way yet, however we have been promised warmer Spring weather from tomorrow so it can only get better.
This photo is from about an hour ago (7 pm) in the early evening sun.

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