31 januari 2015

From the archives #51

Vancouver (BC) - Canada (2012)
A very nice thing to do if you are in downtown Vancouver, is to hop on a water taxi and pay a visit to Granville Island. This peninsula was once an industrial manufacturing area, but is now a popular shopping district and famous for its Public Market, where this photo was taken.

The Granville Island Public Market features a farmers' market, day vendors, and artists offering local Vancouver goods. There are 50 permanent retailers and over 100 day vendors in stalls throughout the market selling a variety of foods and handmade crafts.

30 januari 2015

Church door

An old wooden church door in Den Burg, the main village on the island of Texel. Note the small extra door..

29 januari 2015

Art from trash

This fish is part of the exhibition in Ecomare (see also yesterday's post) and was carefully constructed by using all kinds of trash found in the sea and on the beach; tin cans, lids, rope, plastic etc etc.
I think it's a nice idea to create things like this as it really sets you thinking...

Ecomare's objective is enlarging the public interest for the preservation and recovery of nature and cultural values (landscapes, ecosystem, species) in the wadden region and the North Sea, with an emphasis on Texel.

28 januari 2015

Temporary receptable

"For sick and wounded birds when Ecomare is closed. The birds are able to rest in the dark. The receptable is regularly checked by the animal caretakers."

This box can be found along the entrance way to 'Ecomare': a nature museum, seal sanctuary, sea aquarium and a bird sanctuary located in the National Park Dunes of Texel. It's a place we like to visit to each time we stay on the island.
The box was empty by the way..

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27 januari 2015

26 januari 2015


This photo was taken during our walk in the nature area ´Schapenpark´ near the small villages of Exloo and Odoorn, yesterday afternoon. Temperatures were about +4°C  (about 39°F), and the snow was getting very soft and messy.
And by now, it's Monday around 7pm at the moment here, all snow has gone!

25 januari 2015


We had a few cm of snow yesterday, as this photo of our lawn shows.

I wish you a nice Sunday!

24 januari 2015

From the archives #50

Athens, Greece (2010)
Feeding the pigeons and discussing life in the heart of Athens.

23 januari 2015

Watching people watch

Both photos are taken from the television screen during the National Sprint Speed Skating Championships in Groningen, last weekend. In between rides the camera focused on the public. Apparently a lot is going on as the spectators all look in different directions..

22 januari 2015


Two pictures from last Spring, when I went on a cycling trip and stopped to take pictures when these oldtimers passed me near the small village of Ter Maarsch..

I'm sure they got a lot of (well deserved) attention wherever they went!

21 januari 2015


The sign says; "classics. where the tradition of furniture still has a purpose". This art gallery in the centre of Bruges sells and buys antiques, so I guess they are (mainly?) interested in antique furniture.

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20 januari 2015


It's a very nice and eye-catching bench, however I think it would look so much better in a natural environment like for instance a park, or a garden..  What do you think?
I photographed it at the entrance of a large exhibition hall in Zuidlaren.

19 januari 2015

Winter walk

This photo was taken during a walk near the village of Musselkanaal. As you can see it was a sunny, though windy and cold winter day.
To see another image from this area that I showed you earlier this month click here.

18 januari 2015

Blue tit

We see a lot more blue tits in our garden now than previous years. (I wonder why that is?) This one seemed to be making a bow for the afternoon sun, photographed yesterday through our kitchen window.

17 januari 2015

From the archives #49

Ferry IJmuiden-Newcastle (2011)
"Hmm...What, dear?"

Just before departure on one of the decks on the ferry to the U.K.

16 januari 2015

Magic mirror

The mirrors here at the end of this hallway in the Groninger Museum make you want to walk on and on..

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15 januari 2015


Part of a beautifully decorated wooden door. (Photo taken in Bruges)

14 januari 2015

Hotel sign

The elegant sign of a hotel restaurant in the old city centre of Bruges.

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12 januari 2015

Arentshuis murals

The Arentshuis is a neoclassical 18th century building in the centre of Bruges, Belgium. It is a museum showing art that was made between the 15th until the 21st century, like the work of the Bruges-born British artist, Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956). The building ows its name to its last private owner, Aquilin Arents de Beerteghem.

This photo, made last year during our visit to Bruges, shows the three murals and the window left of the entrance.

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10 januari 2015

From the archives #48

Finland (winter 2009)
This photo was taken in the sledge dog centre that is part of the Äkäskero Nature Resort, about 200 km north of Rovaniemi in northern Finland. Before we started with our trip that week, we had a look around in the dog camp and spotted this beauty, still inside the kennel here but obviously very ready for action.

9 januari 2015

Buinen views

Two photos from last Sunday taken during our winter walk near Buinen.

8 januari 2015

Winter view

It was sunny but cold when I took this photo during a winter walk. It's a view with the village of Musselkanaal in the distance.

7 januari 2015


DE DAM in the Walstraat in Deventer is, as the sign clearly shows, a place to play billiards.

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6 januari 2015

Tree hut

We walked passed this tree hut just outside a home and garden near Buinen, last Sunday. From its appearance we thought the hut was either still under construction or it has been there for a long time and knows a lot of outdoor adventures..

5 januari 2015

The Secret Garden mural

This mural called "De Geheime Tuin" ("The Secret Garden") is another mural I photographed in the Walstraat in Deventer. Like the other ones I posted during the past weeks, including those with images and texts from Dickens, this one shows a beautiful scene.

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4 januari 2015


These ladies (?) were enjoying the sun as much as we did..  We passed them earlier this morning during a hike near the village of Buinen.

3 januari 2015

From the archives #47

Victoria, Vancouver Island - Canada (2012)
On our last morning in Victoria (we would be taking the ferry back to the mainland that afternoon) we decided to visit the Royal BC Museum. And I'm so glad we did! I can really recommend a visit if you happen to be there or planning a trip to Victoria.
In a few words, the museum presents the history of the area; natural history, first peoples, and modern history. One of the exhibitions shows a selection of ancient artifacts found in British Columbia, monumental carvings, masks, clothing, and traditional housing.
This is a photo from the First Peoples Galleries. Impressive!

2 januari 2015

Mosaic chair

When you enter the exhibition 'DE KONING VAN GRONINGEN' ('THE KING OF GRONINGEN') in the Groninger Museum, you pass this majestic mosaic chair. It is placed on a high cube of which the front is a mirror that (when I was there) reflected a small stool standing in the hallway.
Note how the chair fits in perfectly with the colourful tiled wall!

The exhibition shows the art collection of Jan Albert Sichterman (1692-1764), a merchant from Groningen and said to be one of the most striking figures of the 18th century. The collection includes Asian ceramics, porcelain, portraits, furniture, silver, and so much more. It can be seen until March 1.

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1 januari 2015

Happy 2015!

I would like to thank you all for your frequent visits to my blog in the past year and for all your wonderful comments.
I wish everybody a happy and healthy 2015!