28 februari 2014


The Zuidveldsluis (lit. South Field lock) in the Ruiten Aa canal, in the Groninger region Westerwolde, dates from 1917. This is the bridge right next to it. It's not visible on the photo but the change in water level on both sides of the lock was quite big!
Both the lock and bridge are self service for shipmen, which I have noticed before in this region.

27 februari 2014

Holy Cow!

The owner of this shop in Deventer surely knows how to attract the attention of the shopping crowd. I like that gable stone! "Holy Cow!" sells a variety of wannahaves and clothing for all ages.

26 februari 2014


The Walstraat is one of the shopping streets in Deventer, making you feel welcome to shop!

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24 februari 2014

town hall in Sellingen

The town hall (in Dutch: 'GEMEENTEHUIS', as it says in the centre, below the clock) of the municipality Vlagtwedde is located in the town of Sellingen.

22 februari 2014

from the archives #5

South Africa (2006)

Cows crossing the road and taking their time to do so was a sight we got used to quickly.

21 februari 2014

from teapot to birdhouse

From a DIY article in a Home & Garden Magazine my husband went to a secondhand store for a teapot, and made this cute birdhouse for our garden..
Now there is only one question that matters: will the birds like it too? We can't wait for Spring to come!  ;)

20 februari 2014


..through a typical Dutch city street. Here a quiet one in the centre of Deventer.

19 februari 2014

restaurant sign

A very pretty sign outside an Italian ristorante in Deventer.

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18 februari 2014

tins and cans

A nice collection with nostalgic pieces at the Deventer Historical Museum.

17 februari 2014


"de maatschappij en de mensheid beginnen bij ieder van ons"
"society and humanity start with any of us"

A bronze sculpture called 'people', created by sculptor Hans Mes. It is dedicated to Johannes van Vloten (1818-1883), a Dutch scientist who was one of the founders of modern humanism.

16 februari 2014

'Kiek uut de pot'

This pretty sandstone relief coming out of the wall at the Waag in Deventer is named 'Kiek uut de pot' (something like: 'view from the pot'). The original piece dates from the 16th century, but unfortunately it was heavily damaged during WW2. What you see here is in fact a replica by Ton Mooy from 1995.

15 februari 2014

from the archives #4

Iceland (2000)

14 years have passed but I remember very well watching these puffins, they were such cute little birds!

14 februari 2014

in the dunes

A view overlooking the dunes of Ameland. The vegetation in the neat rows that you see here is used to stabilize the dunes by reducing the impact of wind and water, and is known as 'Ammophila' or 'Beachgrass' ('helmgras' in Dutch)

13 februari 2014

Het Raethuys

'Het Raethuys' is an apartment building in the centre of Stadskanaal.

12 februari 2014

horse parking

"This resting place is presented to you by The Association of Horse Tourism Drenthe."

"Parking is at your own risk."

I have seen dog parkings before, but this 'horse parking' was new! We found it near the watch tower and restaurant 'Poolshoogte', just outside Odoorn, at the start of our hike in the nature area 'Schapenpark' that I showed you yesterday.

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11 februari 2014


Last Sunday was grey and rainy. We nevertheless put our walking shoes on in the afternoon and enjoyed the fresh air here in this wide nature area not far from the village Odoorn.
Until the early 1970's the area used to be all forest, but in 1972 a huge storm caused severe damage. Part of the terrain was planted again with new trees, another part was kept for sheep to graze on. Since then that part, here on the photo, is known as 'Schapenpark' ('Sheep park').

10 februari 2014

The Dutch rule!

The absolutely fabulous result after a thrilling 500 meters sprint skating this afternoon. (image from nos.nl)

8 februari 2014

from the archives #3

Each Saturday I take a dive into our photo archives and choose one.

These are rooftop decorations on a traditional Icelandic house. A photo taken during our first visit to Iceland in 2000.

7 februari 2014


Another picture from our hike last Sunday, taken somewhere between the towns of Borger and Buinen. On warmer days this is a perfect spot to sit and have a short rest, as the view is really magnificent here.

Next to the bench is a sign with information about this area:
"In the village of Buinen they call this place the Buunerbult. From here you have a splendid view to all sides. To the west lies the Hondsrug, formed by ice and meltwater around 150 thousand years ago during the Saalian Ice Age. Erosion created broad valleys on the slopes. At that time the Buunerbult also formed a part of the Hondsrug. Later the unimaginable force of the water completely washed away the section of the Hondsrug between Borger and Buinen."

5 februari 2014

the Barefoot path

This is the start of 'the Barefoot path' ('Het Blotevoetenpad' in Dutch) next to the Dolmen Centre (Hunebedcentrum) in Borger. The sign promises a walking experience through nature and time. That sounds nice, don't you think? And to my left, just outside the photo, is a water tap so you can wash your feet afterwards.
Obviously it is too cold now in February to take off your shoes and sense the feeling of sand, moss, gravel etc. on your bare feet, but I am really curious what it's like and hope to come back on a warmer day.

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4 februari 2014

on foot..

..in Coevorden, this time coming from the castle and walking to the market square. The building on the left is 'Grand Café De Heeren van Coevorden'.

3 februari 2014

sunny day

A picture from yesterday, half way our walking route that started in Borger. It was a beautiful sunny day, around 7°C/44°F, perfect to spend some time outside and as you can see, last week's snow has already gone. We are near an area here known as the Hondsrug, which is very popular to mountainbikers. On the photo is one of the many groups we saw.

2 februari 2014

on foot..

..in Coevorden, walking from the market square to the castle.

Have a nice Sunday!

1 februari 2014

from the archives #2

Each Saturday a random choice from the digital stack of (a bit) older photo's.

Watching how salmon is smoked and prepared the traditional way, in a restaurant in Salla -Finland. (2005)