17 juli 2018


We seem to be going from one glorious Summer day to another. It was really a hot one today.

Both photos were taken last Sunday at Foltz nursery and gardens. Mmmm..  wish I'd written down the name of those yellow flowers, they're lovely don't you think?

15 juli 2018

Red coneflower

This is one of many variaties of coneflowers that we saw at Foltz nursery & gardens today, in the small village of Meeden. This weekend they held their annual 'Salvia and Echinacea-days'. Isn't this red coneflower a beauty?

14 juli 2018

Aalden farmhouse

One more post with photos from our hike last Sunday, with a farmhouse and barn in the village of Aalden.

The separate barn in front of the farmhouse has been decorated with plaited reed, something that can be seen more in this region. To see a previous post about this click HERE.

I´m linking to Tom´s Barn Collective.

13 juli 2018

Small white

Small whites ('koolwitje' in Dutch) are also common butterflies here. Maybe not as colourful as the peacock butterfly from yesterday's photo, though a beautiful sight as well.

12 juli 2018

Peacock butterfly

The peacock butterfly ('dagpauwoog' in Dutch) is a common butterfly here. I took this one on a buddleja in our garden a few days ago.

11 juli 2018

10 juli 2018


Continuing with our hike from last Sunday with a view on farmer's grounds near Zweeloo. The path we followed is on the right.

9 juli 2018

Dry spell

We have been having warm and dry Summer weather lately, which is giving farmers a hard time as they need rain for their crops. Due to the falling underground water level it has been forbidden to water the fields in some parts of our country, here it is still allowed though.

8 juli 2018

Sunday hike

We passed this barn earlier today as our hike went through the small village of Zweeloo. It has a nice thatched roof.

I'm linking to Tom's Barn Collective.

5 juli 2018

Urban Buddha

The Urban Buddha Sculpture in the Rensenpark in Emmen is made from recycled wood and plastic waste materials -such as a vacuum cleaner, a laminating machine and a printer. The Buddha is 2.00 x 1.6 m and was made during the event 'Emmen goes Eco' last April.

Nice detail is that raccoons lived on this particular spot for many years; the Rensenpark is on the location of the former Northern Zoo ('Noorder Dierenpark').

2 juli 2018

3D streetart no.4

One more from the city of Leeuwarden by street artist Leon Keer. The arrows point to the Fries Museum in the background.

I'm linking to Sami's Colourful World.

30 juni 2018

Canal bridge

View on the Beekstraat, that runs on both sides of this narrow canal in Elburg. The streets were deserted on the Sunday morning hour we were there; most likely the Elburg inhabitants were attending a church service as they are known to be very devout. And I guess 10 am is a bit early for most day visitors - just some early birds like us ;)

27 juni 2018

Rosemary Alley

Flowers on the corner of the Rozemarijnsteeg (Rosemary Alley), in the village of Elburg.

25 juni 2018

3D street art 3

This is another 3D painting from Leeuwarden that I'd like to show you. Like the previous ones I posted on this blog earlier it was made by Dutch artist Leon Keer..

..and can be viewed from 2 sides. The Leeuwarden train station is in the background, as well as the mist fountain with the 2 heads I showed you recently.

I'm linking to Sami's Colourful World.

24 juni 2018

On the ferry

Photo taken earlier this month from the ferry between Genemuiden and Zwartsluis; crossing the Zwarte Water river takes only a few minutes. The ferry goes back and forth about 200 times a day, 7 days a week and takes pedestrians, cyclists, cars, motorbikes and trucks.
We don't have many ferries like this in the Netherlands, so it was a nice break during the travel home.

23 juni 2018

Garden centre

Each time I visit our local garden centre they have new and creative displays for their home and garden plants.

They told me that because they don't belong to a large store chain, they don't have to stick to a certain fixed design for their interior. That means their stylist is given a free hand. And he or she is good!