19 augustus 2018

Beavers' work #1

During our stay in Jämsä we made a day hike in Isojärvi National Park, known for its presence of beavers. We weren't lucky enough to see one, but we did see the results of their labour.

And this was the rest of the tree! I wonder if it's still standing now..

18 augustus 2018

An old bicycle

Isn't this the perfect way to make use of an old bicycle?

Seen in the town of Keuruu. Happy Saturday!

17 augustus 2018

16 augustus 2018

Keuruu railway station

There, at the left side of the door, is the railway clock that I showed you yesterday. We were in the town of Keuruu, located about 60 km from Jyväskylä in central Finland, to visit the Keuruu Old Church -more about that later.

'Rautatieasema' means 'railway station'. The building had so many elegant and fine details around the windows.

And the other side.

15 augustus 2018

14 augustus 2018

Marilyn at Vapriikki

We very much enjoyed our visit to Vapriikki, a museum centre in the city of Tampere. One of the temporary exhibitions was 'the lovely Marilyn', showing the outward beauty, success and glamour of the life of Marilyn Monroe, but also it's other -dark- side. What a life she had.

Lots of personal items were on display: photos, film fragments, dresses, shoes, makeup, jewellery, and film scripts.

13 augustus 2018

Tampere love locks

 Love locks on a bridge crossing the Tammerkoski in Tampere.

A lock with handcuffs... a bicycle lock... (?)

12 augustus 2018

Waiting for mail

Following a dirt road near Koli National Park we passed this busstop (? there was no sign though) with a guy holding a mailbox on his knees.

To be honest I found him a bit scary when I came close for a photograph. Those toes! Brrrr!

11 augustus 2018

Reflecting sky

Another one taken in Patvinsuo National Park, North Karelia - Finland. It's my contribution to Weekend Reflections.

Happy Saturday!

10 augustus 2018

Patvinsuo National Park

The 15 km hike we made in Patvinsuo National Park was called Suomumkierto. The path followed more or less the shores of Suomunjärvi (lake Suomun); we're in the Finnish North Karelia region here.

Quiet and sandy lake shores.

Bridges and some small islands brought us to the other side.

9 augustus 2018


Usually dragonflies don't "sit" still long enough to take a photograph (not for me anyway), but this one landed on the wooden plank path in front of us and stayed there for about half a minute. We saw them a lot during the hikes we made in Finland. Photo taken in Patvinsuo National Park.

8 augustus 2018

Rokua National Park

About 90 km southeast of Oulu is Rokua National Park, one of the oldest national parks in Finland. We enjoyed a day hike by following the signs of the Keisarinkierros trail. Along the route were many beautiful clear-watered lakes..

..and thick carpets of moss-like lichen on both sides of the path.

Wooden planks guide through wet areas, though the grounds were mainly dry now.

7 augustus 2018

Market Hall

Besides a market at the open square, Oulu has a historic market hall that was opened in 1901. The city councel of Oulu decided to build an indoor market due to tightened food safety regulations. Specifically butchers had to move to the covered market.

Spread over 2 aisles are 62 wooden shop stalls that sell everything from food (meat/fish/bread etc.). clothes, handicrafts, and more.

6 augustus 2018

Gulf of Bothnia coast

The town of Oulu is a popular holiday destination as it lies at the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, and has a nice beach. We stayed in a cottage at Nallikari Holiday Village about 50 metres of the beach.

Life guards were watching the swimmers.

5 augustus 2018

Fruit market

We're back from 2 weeks travelling through beautiful -and tropical- Finland. This photo was taken at the market in Oulu, at which mainly fresh fruit was sold like strawberries and raspberries.

21 juli 2018

At the garden center

Both photos were taken at Foltz nursery & gardens. Inside the barn -entrance through the blue door- garden tools are sold, as well as vintage items for home and garden. And there's the pay desk for all that you wish to bring home.

Happy Saturday!

17 juli 2018


We seem to be going from one glorious Summer day to another. It was really a hot one today.

Both photos were taken last Sunday at Foltz nursery and gardens. Mmmm..  wish I'd written down the name of those yellow flowers, they're lovely don't you think?

15 juli 2018

Red coneflower

This is one of many variaties of coneflowers that we saw at Foltz nursery & gardens today, in the small village of Meeden. This weekend they held their annual 'Salvia and Echinacea-days'. Isn't this red coneflower a beauty?