10 december 2016


These are two of the large herbivores on the grass lands in nature area Het Zwin on the border of Belgium and The Netherlands, see also yesterday's post. Lots of hair here!

Besides Highland cattle there was also a large number of horses. Isn't this a beauty?

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9 december 2016

Running Hare

This remarkable sculpture of a running hare stands at the Belgium coast in a nature area called ´Het Zwin´, that we visited during our stay in Bruges at the end of November. It´s me standing there next to it (how about the size of the sculpture!), and I was about to take..

..this photo of the hare with the North Sea in the background! :)
The name of the bronze sculpture is ´Hospitality´; the animal stands for liberty, independence, dynamics, fertility, strength and individuality. It was made by Barry Flanagan (1941-2009), a Welsh sculptor who is best known for his bronze statues of hares and other animals.

7 december 2016

Bicycle Street sign

Discovering all of Bruges we spotted this sign saying 'Fietsstraat' ('Bicycle Street') and wondered what it meant, as it's not a sign we'd seen before. According to the internet, in a Bicycle Street motor vehicles are allowed (obviously), however they may not overtake cyclists -however there isn't much space left for that-, and the speed limit is 30 km/u (about 18 mph).

Well, the only vehicles we saw in this street were cars parked at both sides, and cars passing us, no bicycles..

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6 december 2016

After a cold night

 We have this small sculpture in our garden of 2 balancing frogs underneath a small umbrella and both wearing crowns haha. This morning they were frozen white! At 9 a.m. it was still -6,5°C (20°F) and they made a pretty picture with the sun shining on the trees at the back.

5 december 2016

Dinner with a view

 We were happy to be in this restaurant for dinner on one of the evenings in Bruges; we got a window table with this gorgeous view at the market square and the Belfort Tower!

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4 december 2016

Bruges mills

 On the remains of the old city fortifications of Bruges, that date from 1297, 4 wooden mills can be found at a section called 'Kruisvest'. It's part of a lovely walking route of about 9 km at which you also pass the old city gates. (more about those later). I loved this Autumn view with the sunlight on the leaves.

Watching from one mill to the next with the sun on our backs.

To see a full view of the St Janshuis Mill from a previous stay in Bruges click HERE.

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3 december 2016

The swans of Bruges

Swans in the canal near the beguinage in Bruges.

There is a story about the swans in Bruges, dating from the time of Maximilan (1832-1867). This man, who married princes Charlotte of Belgium in 1857, had a confident named ´Longneck´. When Longneck was sentenced to death, Maximilian put a curse on the city for killing the man who meant a lot to him. He compelled the people of Bruges to keep swans (or 'longnecks') in the canals forever and ever.
There are about 50 swans in the city, and whenever one of them dies, a new swan is bought..

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2 december 2016

Ice rink

The ice rink at the Bruges central market square opened in the week we were there.

 In the evening there seemed to be a ghost on skates..can you spot it?  ;)

1 december 2016


Sightseeing by segway in the streets of Bruges.
It looks so very easy! IF I would ever decide to try it I would need a large and empty market square, before going out on the streets...haha. But it does look like fun!

30 november 2016

Park sign

A sign from one of the parks in Bruges, urging dog-owners to (in my own free translation) 'make a big deal out of all that is left behind and use a bag!', and fines are at least 50 euros if you don't.

Underneath the photos of the dogs are the names of the villages that belong to the municipality of Bruges.

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29 november 2016

Queen Astrid Park

The bandstand in the Queen Astrid Park in Bruges.

The park dates from the 13th century and was a monastery garden for over 5 centuries. In 1850 the city of Bruges became the owner and it was decided then that it would become a public park. After the death of Queen Astrid in 1935, the park received it´s present name.

28 november 2016

Bruges street art

Murals in a tunnel near the train station in Bruges. I could trace these back to a street artist called Jamezon.

This one -maybe a bit hard to see because of the shade- has a text saying: "Misery of emotion brings us to joyful memories of our lost love ones". It is signed at the bottom right by 'Daisone'.

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27 november 2016

Bruges beguinage

Back from a city trip to Bruges! This is the 'Ten Wijngaerde' beguinage, with its central courtyard lined with trees and side trees it retains a religious and social function. In 1998 this site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The white houses, the harmonious environment and the closed nature of this beguinage make it a very charming place and loved by tourists from all over the world. We had a look around here in the morning and (almost) managed to avoid groups wandering around :)

19 november 2016

On a break

I am going to take a short blogging-break. Take care and see you soon.

18 november 2016

Drentsche Aa river

Here we are standing (well, last Sunday we were..) on a wooden bridge near Haren crossing the 'Drentsche Aa', The river rises in the province of Drenthe, flows through the north east of our country, and eventually ends into the Noord-Willems canal not far from this bridge.

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17 november 2016

The Exloo sheep pen

The sheep pen ('schaapskooi' in Dutch) of Exloo is located in this barn in the centre of the small country village.

The Drenthe Heath Sheep ('Drents Heideschaap') is a domesticated breed of sheep originating in the Netherlands. It is raised primarily for vegetation management. During the day the flock of 200 sheep and its sheepherder can often be found on the Molenveld heathlands, for a photo I took several years ago click HERE.
Their website (only in Dutch) can be found HERE.

16 november 2016

Parking for women

 We parked our car at the parking lot belonging to a hotel in Haren to start our hike last Sunday, and there I spotted parking spaces apparently reserved for women wearing shoes with stiletto heels? Hmmm. I checked on their website and found out that it's meant to welcome female business guests; this free of charge service includes courtesy gifts, a flexible check-in and a special and extra well-lit parking space close to the hotel entrance.

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15 november 2016


One of the many giant trees on the Glimmen Home estate, near Haren. Do you ever wonder how far and how wide roots go underground? I do!

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