19 augustus 2017


Instead of spotting many reindeer or moose during our holiday in Norway, it were sheep that we saw most! This bunch was walking near the St Thomas Church in Filefjell. Two of them were wearing a bell. Aren't they cute :)

These three crossed our path in Nordseter. They were one of many small groups of sheep that wandered around freely anywhere in the village..

.. and apparently they like to eat anything :) This sign was at someone's gate.

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18 augustus 2017

17 augustus 2017

Vrangfoss staircase locks

The Telemark Canal in southern Norway is 105 km (65 mi) long and connects the towns of Skien and Dalen by linking several long lakes. A series of 18 locks make it possible to deal with a difference in elevation of 72 metres (236 ft). At Vrangfoss -where we took these photos- is a staircase lock that consists of 5 chambers and a lifting height of 23 metres. The Henrik Ibsen is one of two riverboats that travel with tourists on the canal during the Summer season.

It must be an exiting adventure going through the locks for those on the ship, but for us on the quay it was also a spectacular sight. The water made lots of noise and look how deep they were.

It takes an hour for the ship to pass the Vrangfoss locks.

MS Henrik Ibsen is a historic Norwegian diesel-powered ship built in Sweden in 1907, then named SS Styrsö. After being adapted to canal traffic, it arrived at Telemark Canal in 1992 and was renamed MS Henrik Ibsen after the former steamship SS Henrik Ibsen, which also operated on the Telemark Canal from 1907 to 1919.

16 augustus 2017

Toll road signs

Driving by car in Norway means paying toll regularly, as least in the area where we were. On bigger ongoing roads this happens automatically: a sign indicates that you reach a stretch -sometimes a tunnel or a bridge- that requires money. Cameras above the road read the licence number and voilá. The average amount of these stretches is about NOK 25, sometimes less, sometimes more. (NOK 100 is roughly EUR 10). We live in the Netherlands so we can most likely expect an invoice that we will have to pay -hope it all fits on 1 page haha ;)))

Obviously the smaller toll roads have no cameras. Here we had to put money in an envelope and write our licence plate no. on it, fill in a similar ticket to put behind the window screen, and once more voilá :)

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15 augustus 2017

Flowering moss

These tiny white and yellow flowers were tiny like pin-heads, as we spotted theme all over this patch of green moss next to the walking trail that we followed on the ridges of Venelifjell Mountain. It is near the village of Vrådal in the Telemark county, Norway. I don´t think I have seen it before. Aren't they lovely? :)

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14 augustus 2017

Monday Mural

 This is another mural we found on a wall next to a parking area in Lillehammer, Norway. It shows some scenes from the past. I googled for the name "Tårn Petter" ("Tower Petter"), which apparently is an alias for Petter Syversen (1845-1928) who was a thatcher. He was known for climbing on roofs with thorn clothes, bare feet and always without a rope. But he became a legend when he had to repair the roof of the church tower and he pulled breakneck stunts to get onto the tower.

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13 augustus 2017

More Borgund Stave Church

I have another 2 photos to show you from the Borgund Stave Church, see also last Friday´s post. Look at the beauty of this carved piece..

.. and this is the clock tower, that stands separate from the church and dates from the Middle Ages.

12 augustus 2017

Cow crossing

 Arriving at the Bøyabreen a herd of cows was crossing the road. A few were already on the other side..

..and the rest was looking for the right spot to cross..

.. okay .. let's go ladies!

-Bøyabreen is a glacier ("bree" is the Norwegian word for glacier) in Sogn og Fjordane county, in western Norway. It is a side branch of the large Jostedal Glacier.

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11 augustus 2017

Borgund Stave Church

From our cabin in Kaupanger -in west Norway, at the end of the Sognefjord- we visited the Borgund Stave Church. This church was built sometime between 1180 and 1250 AD with later additions and restorations. Its walls are formed by vertical wooden boards, or staves, hence the name "stave church".

Four carved dragon heads look over the overhanging roofs; they resemble dragon heads found on the prows of old Norwegian viking ships.

Old and new graves in the church cemetery.

10 augustus 2017

In the streets of Lillehammer

Some things hold your attention longer than others. Like this gentleman that walked past us in the streets of Lillehammer with his red moped..

..and the moose that was looking inside Nikkers, a bar/restaurant in the centre.

9 augustus 2017

On top of the Nevelfjell

From our cabin in Nordseter (15km from the city of Lillehammer) we followed a hiking trail to the top of the Nevelfjell. With an altitude of 1089 m it is the highest peak in the municipality of Lillehammer.

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8 augustus 2017

Summer ski jumping

During our stay in Nordseter we visited the Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena in Lillehammer and watched a training session of ski jumpers on both the 90m and 120m hill. Of course it´s a wintersport and not the same thing in Summer, but it was fun to watch and we enjoyed seeing it from so close.

The arena opened in 1993 for the 1994 Winter Olympics, where it hosted the ski jumping and Nordic combined events, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

According to Wikipedia 20,000 jumps are made here during the Summer season, and 80,000 in Winter. Aren´t they daredevils!

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7 augustus 2017

Monday Mural

Back from our trip through beautiful Norway! We found this mural on a wall of a building in Lillehammer, picturing some of Norway's best: a stave church, mountains with forests, fjords, and agricultural history.

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