9 januari 2014


My favorite way of ending a dinner in a restaurant is coffee with a kind of liqueur. And whenever we visit Texel that would be a 'juttertje'. The word refers to the Dutch word 'jutten' or 'beachcombing' in English.
The juttertje is a sweet and herb flavored alcoholic beverage that can be served pure, or for instance with coffee like here on the photo. It's the island's specialty!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. dat zet je voor mijn neus net nou ik even geen koffie mag.

  2. I'm still just trying to adjust to the idea of combining herbs, alcohol and coffee in one drink. Whew! What a combo! :-)

  3. Ja, lekker een juttertje. Toch ik ben over gegaan op een schellevispekel, die minder zoet is.


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