21 mei 2014


Waffles are a popular 'dish' in Belgium, like here in Bruges. Not only can you buy them throughout the city, there are numerous variations of fillings to choose from. How about warm cherries and whipped cream?

..And after a few days in Bruges, you think you see waffles everywhere!  ;)

Linking to signs, signs.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. "Delicious" for sure! We LOVE waffles! ;-9 Beautiful reflections that you captured in the upper windows, too!


  2. I love waffles too, but hard to find them here that are done right. And yes the reflections in the upper windows are very cool!

  3. Love the waffle for a sign above the door. Very clever and an eye catcher. Everyone loves waffles....especially Belgian Waffles. Yummy.

  4. Looks like a lovely place to eat. Belgian waffles are quite popular over here too...don't know when or how they "got here" ... Don't remember them when I was young, but nowadays most good breakfast restaurants serve them. Probably not as good as the real thing, but delicious .

  5. Waffles have always been one of my favorite breakfast foods!


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