3 juli 2014

Wooden shoes as art

Rembrandt´s famous ´Night Watch´ is on the wooden shoe at the front. The one at the back also has a beautiful painting.
They belong to an exhibition of painted wooden shoes that we saw in Garderen. They are quite large, about 1,5 metres in length, so not for wearing. We found them all very unique!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik had niet verwacht dat ze zo groot waren! Wel origineel om er klassike scilderingen op te maken.

  2. Op mijn tablet zijn de letters zo klein dat ik vaak fouten maak met tikken helaas...ik denk sneller dan ik tik.

  3. Beautiful shoes. I wonder if these shoes are comfortable ...?
    Is it just decoration !

  4. I used to have a pair of these--what a pain to walk in! :-)

  5. You need very thick socks to wear wooden shoes. And very big feet to wear these ones!

  6. Oh, I like that!

    My parents had wooden shoes around the house mostly as decor when I was growing up. They're not fun to walk in!


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