13 augustus 2014

Faces from the past

Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen has it's focus on art and archeology. I showed an example of art in yesterday's post, today 2 photos of historical objects. This large clay pot, found near Nijmegen has 3 (similar) faces. Pots like these were used during ritual ceremonies.

This is a reconstructed iron 'facial helmet' from the 1st century. The mask was once covered with a thin layer of silver. The three holes in the cheek represent a tattoo. Very remarkable is the clothing with a plaiting made of horsehair. The facial helmet that you see in the background contains some original parts; it was found in 1991, also near Nijmegen, on the spot where a Roman army base was located between 40 and 70 AD.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Beide kunstwerken zijn heel fascinerend.


  2. De moeite van het bekijken zeker waard.

  3. How interesting. I think I would get claustrophobic in that mask though!

  4. Inyeresting. They are really very awesome masks.

  5. Mooie stukken, zo'n gezichtshelm heb ik nog nooit gezien.


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