29 augustus 2015

Kitchen entrance

Here we are at the back side of 't Pestengasthuis (literally: 'The Plaque Guest House') at the Weversgildeplein in Zwolle. The building dates from around 1450 and was located outside the city walls to function as a hospital for people who suffered from the plaque. After the plaque epidemic ended, the house was used as a soldiers hospital, an orphanage, a warehouse, and a blacksmith's home.

A few centuries later the city walls were replaced as the city grew bigger. Nowadays 't Pestengasthuis is a restaurant in the heart of the old city centre. I haven't eaten there, but as it is listed in the Michelin Guide it must be good!

During our city walk we passed this somewhat hidden door at the back, and as the label on the door indicates it apparently is the kitchen entrance.

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