23 oktober 2017

Austin 135 Sheerline Princess II

In the coach-houses belonging to Het Loo Palace, a number of royal carriages, cars and sleighs was presented, and all of them treasures!

"This luxurious and representative court car was made at the orders of the royal family. The Austin Sheerline is a composite car: chassis and engine are from the British Austin factory, the body-work was built by Pennock & Son in The Hague. Construction date is 1950-1952.
The "waving car" was frequently used for official visits. In 1955, the Austin Sheerline was used for the visit of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard to the Dutch Antilles. Three years later it was used again, this time for the visit of Princess Beatrix to Surinam." (info from Paleis Het Loo)

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  1. It's one of the most elegant cars I've seen Marleen, there couldn't be a car more suitable for royal hand waving 😊

  2. Beautiful and sleek! An elegant, royal car!

  3. Very classy car and certainly fit for royalty!

  4. This is just yummy! A dream in steel and chrome. Zounds!

  5. I found this on the internet:
    "In 1950 Queen Juliana of The Netherlands ordered Pennock to construct a six cylinder convertible. She had once been driven around in a lengthened Renault in Paris and decided she wanted something similar. The Austin Sheerline Limousine DM1L (left hand drive) rolling chassis was delivered by the Rotterdam Austin Dealer Stokvis & Sons and found it's way to Pennock by the end of january 1951. All drawings were lost but the final invoice from Pennock to the Royal Household shows that the car was completed in february 1952. This unique Double Convertible Town Car featured beautiful inlaid woodwork and flagstaffs in the front fenders.
    The Dutch Royal household sold the car in 1958, because it was eventually considered too large. After 1960 the car was moved through several owner's hands in the United States, but was eventually found in a barn, where it had been standing still for a long period of time. Recently the car was brought back to Holland by a Dutch collector, who tracked the car through the internet. The car is in a heavily used condition, but the new owner is planning a restoration."

    1. Wow John, thanks for the info! I had read that the car had been sold but I didn't know it stood in a barn for many years. The car as we saw it looked fine! :)

  6. een prachtige wagen Marleen

    maar veel hebben ze hem niet gebruikt

    fijne avond

  7. Great way to capture it with the image behind.

  8. Een mooie auto, zal wel per schip overgevaren zijn naar de andere gebiedsdelen.

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