17 februari 2018

Us Mem mural

This mural at the Oostergoweg in Leeuwarden pictures the cow that in Frisian language is called 'Us Mem'. It is named after the perfect pedigree cow, which is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in the North Sea coast regions of northern Germany and the Netherlands. The mural also pictures the city's sustainable ambitions, like placing windmills for renewable energy.

The mural was painted by Klaas Lageweg in 2010. He is an artist from Groningen city, of whom a while ago I posted another large mural picturing a pigeon pulling a milk cart.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice mural. Seeing the cow there makes it interesting.

  2. It all makes good sense when you explain it. Love the cow!

  3. Correct mural for me, as I am a greedy consumer of milk and cheese!!

  4. That is a nice mural. I always like seeing cows.

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