1 april 2018

Neo Rauch in Zwolle #1

The Fundatie Museum in Zwolle currently shows 65 works by Neo Rauch (1960, Leipzig - Germany). The paintings are huge -the biggest one is 3 x 4,2 metres-, and they "transport the viewer to an apparently familiar world where, on closer inspection, the feeling of familiarity soon dissapears to be replaced  by confusion, and sometimes unease." (from the museum's website)

Rauch sees his paintings as 'Kreaturen", living creatures. They breath, expand, and need time to mature, both material as well as content. There is happening a lot on his paintings; the longer you view them, the more interesting they get. This second one is named "Geschäft" ("Business")
To read more about the exhibition please check the Museum's website HERE.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Lijkt me een mooie tentoonstelling maar eerst Assen.

  2. Intrigerende schilderijen, er is veel op te zien inderdaad.

  3. Some people have some very strange imaginations. Very strange indeed.

  4. They certainly do require some close examination, and your two examples are very different types of scenes. The first is rather rural and I'm not sure I understand what's going on; the second looks rather like some sort of bomb where the top came off and now will explode in several places in the "business." Weird, but rather compelling in a dark sort of way.

  5. Unease is a fitting term, but I like the style.


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