14 juli 2018

Aalden farmhouse

One more post with photos from our hike last Sunday, with a farmhouse and barn in the village of Aalden.

The separate barn in front of the farmhouse has been decorated with plaited reed, something that can be seen more in this region. To see a previous post about this click HERE.

I´m linking to Tom´s Barn Collective.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Very interesting place, would like to visit. It looks so peacefully.:))
    Have a nice weekend.:)

  2. Looks peaceful and lovely. You find the most interesting places to hike Marleen.

  3. I really love the roofs of your farmhouses and barns. They looks so lovely and different as we have.

  4. Hoi Marleen,
    Mooie foto's van deze bijzondere boerderij.

    Groetjes, Marco

  5. ...WOW, these are like I would expect to see at a museum, they are gorgeous. Thanks Marleen for sharing, enjoy your week.


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