21 februari 2014

from teapot to birdhouse

From a DIY article in a Home & Garden Magazine my husband went to a secondhand store for a teapot, and made this cute birdhouse for our garden..
Now there is only one question that matters: will the birds like it too? We can't wait for Spring to come!  ;)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. looks good and I think the birds will agree..

  2. Grappig, heeft hij het vastgeplakt aan het hout?

  3. Now you got me thinking about what else I could use for a birdhouse.

  4. Wauu how interesting. Now I'm waiting the spring and your story of this birdhouse. Like it.

  5. You will definitely have to do a follow up post in the spring. I can't see why a bird wouldn't love to live here!


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