5 februari 2014

the Barefoot path

This is the start of 'the Barefoot path' ('Het Blotevoetenpad' in Dutch) next to the Dolmen Centre (Hunebedcentrum) in Borger. The sign promises a walking experience through nature and time. That sounds nice, don't you think? And to my left, just outside the photo, is a water tap so you can wash your feet afterwards.
Obviously it is too cold now in February to take off your shoes and sense the feeling of sand, moss, gravel etc. on your bare feet, but I am really curious what it's like and hope to come back on a warmer day.

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12 opmerkingen:

  1. It does sound nice, but not sure if I would do it! ;-)

  2. A wonderful idea -- I hope you do visit it again in the spring or summer ... and let us know what it feels like!

  3. Yes, it sounds nice, I would like to do that.
    Last month I passed by one here in Germany on a hiking trip. But I could not think about trying it at 5°C.

  4. I love walking barefoot - in the house. I'm not so brave to walk barefoot outside anymore.


  5. There is nothing quite like walking barefoot on grass. Not so sure about the pebbles, though!

  6. Sounds interesting place - in summer !
    I think there are no pieces of broken glass on the ground.

  7. Grappig idee maar ik houd mijn schoenen liever aan.

  8. Oh...this is perfect for me, as I spend a lot of time barefoot...:)


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