5 september 2014

Craig Goch Dam

The Craig Goch Dam is one of four dams in the Elan Valley, in mid-Wales. The construction of the dam began in 1897, and was completed in 1904. The primary purpose of the dam, and the Elan Valley reservoirs, is to provide clean drinking water for the city of Birmingham.

Seen from the other side. Pictures we saw in the visitor centre all showed this dam with water running through the half-round openings to the other side, but as you can see there was not so much water when we were there.

The Craig Goch reservoir.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. dat bouwen zoveel jaar geleden met de beperkte middelen die ze hadden dat was wel een hele kunst,hoeveel arbeiders zouden daar wel niet aan gewerkt hebben.

  2. This dam has so much character, not like our modern dams in America.


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