22 september 2014

The Solognote sheep in Bourtange

Walking back to our car after our visit to the Autumn Fair in Bourtange, we saw a shepherd with his flock of sheep coming towards us.

Look how beautiful they are, I love their colour! These are Solognote sheep, a old breed originally from France. They are known as being nosy and intelligent. Here in Bourtange they graze on the steep dikes that you see on the first photo.
If you are interested to read more about the shepherd Wim Bannink, and his flock, click HERE (only in Dutch)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. They are pretty! I wonder what their wool is like?

  2. Did the sheep alone attract all that interest? They appear to have gathered quite a "following". :-)

    1. Those people are on their way to the old market square of Bourtange, to the Autumn fair. It looks indeed like they are following the sheep! :)

  3. The dog certainly looks like he knows how to take charge of sheep.

  4. Leuk is dat he, als stadsmens vind ik dit altijd zo bijzonder om te zien. We hebben ze nu ook in Almere en ik ga steeds even kijken als ze in de buurt staan.

  5. This would be a nice situation.
    I have never seen a sheep on the road (and never saw so many at the same time).
    Lovely photos.

  6. This brings back memories when I was about 4 or 5 living in Scotland. Herds were brought down the street. The slaughterhouse was down at the end.


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