14 maart 2015

From the archives #57

Pompeii, Italy (2009)
It is said that the ruined Roman city of Pompeii once had 35 brothels, that were known by the Roman word 'Lupanar'. With a population of 10,000 people in Pompeii during the first century CE, this seems quite a lot obviously, but then early Pompeian excavators classified any building containing erotic paintings as brothels.
The photo above shows a sign carved out in the pavement, pointing to a brothel.

And to any of you who wonder: "Hey, is that a .. ?"
It is.

Enjoy your weekend!   :)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja die namen geen blad voor de mond,grond, betreffende onderdeel.

  2. Oh my! How interesting. I have always been fascinated by the story of Pompeii.

  3. I've always been drawn to that story. I would love to visit the site.


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