15 maart 2015

Megarealism by Tjalf Sparnaay (1)

Yesterday I visited Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle to see the work of Dutch painter Tjalf Sparnaay (1954). He specialised himself in intensifying reality by enlarging everyday objects to mega-proportions. He says: "My intention is to give these items a soul and a renewed presence."
The eggs sunny-side up belong to his best known.

It is said that the way in which Sparnaay works directly refers to the 17th century. He approaches Vermeer in his use of colour and eye for detail and refinement; he builds on the rich Dutch tradition of the still life but does so in an individual and modern manner.
I found his paintings realistic in an absurd way, at first sight they appear to be photographs instead of oil paintings. The colours are truly amazing. In all ways a very interesting exhibition! Another post about Sparnaay tomorrow.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow,ziet er goed uit. Is het nou geschilderd of gefotografeerd ?

  2. Sorry niet goed gelezen. Zag hem trouwens aan het werk in kunstuur een of twee weken geleden en hij schilderde inderdaad.

    1. Klopt, en ik heb hem eerder al eens gezien bij Ivo Niehe.

  3. Grappig als je zoiets gewoons uitvergroot ziet er meteen anders uit.

  4. I love these works. I really hope you'll show us more. The absurdity of everyday items appeals to me.

  5. PS: I think people who use their ipads to take pictures look a little ridiculous! (Although it does work well here for your shot - a shot within a shot).

  6. I love this! they really do look like photos at first glance

  7. Lovely art (but maybe I wouldn't like to keep a egg on my wall :)
    Great shot of the photographer.


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