9 juni 2016

The Marine Insurance Company Ltd

 Old and new buildings at the Rokin in Amsterdam.

Drawing attention here is this elegant, in Art Nouveau style building from 1901 by architect Gerrit van Arkel. It is the former main office of The Marine Insurance Company Limited, and is now listed as a national heritage site.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your old narrow houses. This one is very beautiful.
    But there has also been built next to modern glass house, I can see.

  2. I do prefer the older buildings, obviously. The Marine's quite a stand out!

  3. I love the older buildings and those are gorgeous, especially the Marine Insurance Building!

  4. Heck! I just like the mural and that ship. :-)

  5. Mooi gebouw inderdaad, heel anders dan de andere eromheen.

  6. These buildings with their tall narrow windows are excellent.
    The Marine building is superb and shows up the glass monstrosity for what it is.


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