28 juni 2016

Zwolle streets

Two random street views from the city of Zwolle, taken last Saturday. This is at the crossing Koestraat / Sassenstraat..

..and this is at the corner Blijmarkt en Kamperstraat. The tower in the background is the Church of Our Lady-tower, though its common name is "Peperbus" ("pepper box"). It was built in the 15th century.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I do like both views- the second in particular.

  2. A colorful mix of styles for these pedestrian friendly streets, so unlike here is the US.

  3. I like both of photos, it's lovely to see your city.

  4. Leuk geel huis in de eerste foto. De peperbus, mensen verzinnen vaak allerlei bijnamen.

  5. Gekke naam voor die toren toch? Jouw kaart staat op mijn blog. Ik denk dat jij de ouwe video leuk vind.


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