6 augustus 2016

Land of Plenty

This is "Luilekkerland" ('Land of Plenty'), a street in the city of Leeuwarden with small houses built in the 17th century for the poor. The people who once lived there did not have to pay for the houses (the church did), and they got food for free, plus a small allowance. Having food without paying for it most likely explains why the street is called Luilekkerland.
Photo taken earlier today during a city-walk, I had a nice day out with my mom :). Happy weekend!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. It would be nice to live there, at least a couple of time.

  2. Leuk om het verhaal achter het straatje te horen. Groetjes

  3. Dat moet fijn geweest zijn om daar te wonen in die tijd.

  4. I am sure the residents were grateful to the church for providing for them. Land of Plenty is a nice name.


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