12 augustus 2016

The Four Pelicans

Located at the Tweebaksmarkt in Leeuwarden is the smallest, in Jugendstil style built, theatre in Europe. It was built in 1903-1904 to house an insurance-office named "Utrecht"; since 2013 it's a theatre for small concerts, cabaret, lectures, exhibitions and workshops.

There is a remarkable sculpture on the roof made by Dutch sculptor Joseph Mendes da Costa (1863-1939), picturing 4 pelicans. The pelican symbols the insurance occupation, as the animal feeds her offspring with her own blood if necessary   -so their site explains. But to be honest I'm a bit lost there! Googling a bit further I learned that in early Christianity the pelican symbolised mother-love: pelicans were pictured with their chest pecked open by themselves, so their offspring could be fed with blood.
Hmm, I still do not see a clear link with the insurance trade... how about you?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. In my experience insurance companies take much more than they're willing to give. Pelicans are wonderful birds nonetheless and that's a fine sculpture.

  2. The sculpture's quite a surprise. I like the style of the building.

  3. Tja een mysterieus symbool, ik zou het niet weten.

  4. I like this building, and I like these pelicans. The sculpture is the ideal. ;) Never seen any like this.


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