1 september 2016


This nice relief picturing a bullock ('INDE FETTE OS' means literally 'IN THE FAT BULLOCK') dates from the 17th century. The original colour of the relief was brown/red, it received its present colours during a renovation in 1967.

A number of butchers settled here in the Grote Hoogstraat in Leeuwarden since the 16th century, which clearly explains the presence of the bullock relief. Meat was sold at the nearby meathall (market?) at the Eewal.
The house was built in 1664 in Renaissance style, and -like the relief- renovated in 1967.

    6 opmerkingen:

    1. Such wonderful architecture in your town!

    2. The relief is appealing, as is the architecture of the building.

    3. Hmm, I imagine this would have been a very busy place when it was a meat shop.

    4. How nice cow. It has got wings for flying.

    5. I think these colours would make it stand out more Marleen, it would have blended too much into the background when it was red and brown. The things you see when you look up oui :)


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