2 april 2017

Visitor's centre entrance

Two more photos taken in the visitor's centre of De Hoge Veluwe Nat.Park. Standing at the entrance hall looking inside..(the gentleman behind the counter giving me a bit of an angry look..)

..and outside, where you can see another tree growing through the roof. The house there in the distance across the square is the park restaurant.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. You are stalking photographer. The man behind the counter saw you. But you are fast, and you're already out of sight. Good for you :)
    Nice photos.

  2. Dit is een heel andere ingang dan wij altijd nemen denk ik. Wij komen altijd bij de witte fietsen binnen en fietsen dan naar het Kröller Möller Museum. Heb dit nog nooit gezien.

    1. Dit is de ingang van het bezoekerscentrum, waar ook het Museonder is.

  3. Oh you have no idea how many looks like that I discover when downloading pics Marleen, always makes me laugh 😀 I'm happy to see another tree saved there ☺

  4. I had a Mountie give me a similar look a couple of weeks back.

  5. You had to take that photo, doesn't he understand. Now he is seen around the world as a grouch. :) Nice shot Marleen.

  6. It looks like a lovely place. I don't suppose the old grouch would let you climb that tree, either. I'd like to eat in the restaurant, though. :)

  7. ...I like the tree going through the roof.

  8. I wonder which will last longer, the tree or the building.


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