3 juni 2017

Delft centre

The historic town centre of Delft, seen from the central square..

..and shops selling typical Dutch items like Delft Blue pottery and cheese.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke foto's maar iets te veel kaas naar mijn smaak.

  2. Die kaaswinkels schieten overal als paddestoelen uit de grond in elke stad, zo jammer. Dan maar liever Delfts blauw.

  3. ...what a lovely grouping of buildings.

  4. A very pleasing city scene. Look at all that cheese and I love cheese.

  5. I'm afraid my 1st comment didn't go through. Love that architecture. It is so unique (to me) and so beautiful. Love cheese, too, but just the hard stuff! Very nice photos, Marleen.


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