5 juni 2017

Ruiten-Aa canal

On a bridge crossing the Ruiten-Aa canal, earlier today. This region is called Westerwolde and it is located in the south of the province of Groningen.

The canal exists for about 100 years: at the end of the 19th century plans were made to dig a canal in order to relief the area of superfluous water, and in 1920 the Ruiten-Aa canal -including 8 locks- was finished. Nowadays the canal is in use for recreational boats only.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. This is so beautiful it is idyllic! You have a number of gorgeous canals and landscape vistas! Love them all!

  2. What a gorgeous place! I want to be there. Now!

  3. Such a beautiful and peaceful place!

  4. Really beautiful & your photos of the canal with the boat is si inviting, I wish I could be there!

  5. What a beautiful place to be, a peaceful scene.


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