15 juni 2018


While eating an ice-cream and sitting on a bench, a couple of ducks decided to come round and see if anything tasty would come their way.

One duck even jumped over the white line that was (I think) put there to keep them in the water, onto the stone quay. But ice-cream is not meant as duck-food, and our sandwiches were long gone. Sorry!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat schattig en knap dat hij over het koordje kon springen! Heeft hij vast geoefend.

  2. Sandwiches aren't good for them either. A bit of seed or corn would be okay. Wonderful captures!

  3. These are beautiful photos of mallards, and I think they are the prettiest of ducks. But, like all ducks, they will beg for a free handout.

  4. If they were not so common they'd be considered one of our most beautiful birds.

  5. Love these photographs …
    Amazing how ducks do come up to you!

    All the best Jan


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