11 juni 2018

National Park bicycles

As mentioned before on this blog after an earlier visit to the Hoge Veluwe National Park: it has a large number of 'white bicycles' that are free to use for all visitors. There are large parkings at each of the 3 entrance gates, as well as near the visitor centre and museum in the heart of the park.

It's a great service for visitors. There were still a lot here when this photo was taken last Friday at the Hoenderloo entrance, but during holiday seasons most (or maybe even all) of the bicycles can be found somewhere on the many bicycle paths in the 55 km2 large park.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Die fietsen komen me bekend voor.

  2. ...wow, I've never seen so many bikes in one spot.

  3. Dat is zo goed om een fiets te kunnen pakken en heerlijk rond te fietsen. Je voelt je meteen of je op vakantie bent!

  4. What a wonderful service to your people. I'm guessing there are many folks who, like me, cannot walk very far, but can ride a bike for miles. And it's good to hear that these bikes are put to good use! Very nice photos, Marleen.

  5. An excellent idea. Are there any Dutch people who can not ride a bike?

  6. die witte fietsen herinner ik me nog goed Marleen

    knappe compositie in je tweede foto



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