8 december 2013

Christmas fair Bourtange

A traditional Dutch treat (and very nice to eat when you are on a Christmas fair and it's cold!) are 'poffertjes': small, fluffy pancakes with a light, spongy texture. They are served with powdered sugar and butter. In this stand the poffertjes are cooked in one of the special cast iron or copper pans that you see hanging in the back, the pans have shallow indentations in the bottom. So you get them fresh and hot!

Around the market square where the Christmas fair was hold are several small and beautifully decorated shops, always great to have a look in them as well..

This gentleman in black was entertaining us with his songs.

Bourtange, where these pictures were taken today, is a historical village in the province Groningen. Fort Bourtange was initially built during the Eighty Year's War (circa 1568-1648). In the 16th century it became part of the fortifications on the border between the north of the Netherlands and Germany. Nowadays part of the village is an open-air museum.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. heerlijk om z,on feest bij te wonen en je hebt er ook een mooie serie van gemaakt die mijnheer in de zwarte jas is wel top.

  2. Great place with regional dishes and so beautiful Christmas decorations

  3. Leuk al die kerstmarkten, deze ziet er mooi uit.


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