13 december 2013


View from the dike in the vast Reiderwolderpolder, in the far north east of the province Groningen. Fences divide the grounds for sheep.

Hikers are welcome, you cross the fence by stepping over it.

Linking to Friday's fences #109

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi landschap met een echt wandelaars trapje. Ziet er goed uit.

  2. I have always wondered how hikers maneuver the fields when hiking. The benches are a great idea. It certainly protects the fencing from damage and is a pleasure for the hikers. Nice post.

  3. It is wonderful that a way is provided to step over the fence.

  4. NIce bench for a rest and a snack, maybe.

  5. We have steps like that here in New Zealand, too! I had never seen them before I got here. It looks like you could hike for miles unobstructed.


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