15 juni 2014

Above a door

´Drogist´ is Dutch for 'drugstore' or ´chemist´. This remarkable sign above a door in the old city centre of Zwolle reminds of days gone by, when chemists could be recognized by the face of a ´gaper´ (lit: 'yawner'). Apparently this chemist was selling spices and things for painting as well, according to the text 'Specerijen en verfwaren' underneath the head.

I posted a photo of 'gapers' before (click HERE), then from a collection at the museum in Enkhuizen, added with a little more information of the origin.

PS. Only when looking at this photo at home, I noticed the reflection of the building´s windows across the street!  :)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the decoration above the door. It is very original !
    Greetings :)

  2. The face looks like someone who's had too much to drink!

  3. Deze is erg mooi bewaard, leuk al die toebehoren onder de gaper.

  4. What an interesting face to use! Now following you. :)

    1. Thanks LindyLou! I'm following your World of Photo's now too :)


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