24 juni 2014


Following up on yesterday´s post, this is a picture taken in the cellar of the 16th century Drostenhuis. The exhibition shows (broken) pots, plates, cups, glass items, etc. etc., once found in the ground here. It all dates back from a time when the environment wasn't an issue yet, and burying your waste (and almost everything else) in the ground was thought to be normal..

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the vaults of the cellar... and that statue certainly catches the eye.

  2. Well, it's an issue that still hasn't gone away. I think people here in the States, in many places, still think it's fine to just throw your trash out the window.

  3. Heel mooi en interessant om ons gelijktijdig met onze neus op de feiten te drukken.

  4. Ik herinner me nu dat ik daar ook een keer geweest ben, ik herken de kelder ineens. Ik onthoud niet eens meer wat ik heb gezien in de loop der jaren, het is wel erg.....


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