26 oktober 2014


A few of you mentioned the sculpture on the photo from the Sint-Stevenskerk in Nijmegen that I posted last Friday. It's not an angel or a gargoyle, but it pictures the devil "Moenen" from the story Mariken van Nieuwmeghen, a late medieval Dutch text from the early 16th century. Moenen seduces Mariken to travel to Antwerp with him, where they stay together for 7 years and lead a wild and lawless life. When Mariken comes to her senses, Moenen tries to kill her but he doesn't succeed. Eventually Mariken's sins are forgiven.

The stone sculpture was made by sculpturor Piet Killaars in 1968. Note that Moenen is sitting with his back to the church!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Good for Meriken! Yet it's Moenen we've memorialized in stone. Odd.

  2. Ugly looking creature with a very intriguing story.

  3. That evil Moenen, who hasn't read this story at school.

  4. Quite a sculpture, and such a contrast to the church. I imagine my mother read the story.

  5. Great blog with images processed with beautiful.

    Greetings from Gran Canaria (Spain)


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