14 oktober 2014

The white lighthouse

Schiermonnikoog used to have 2 lighthouses, and both were built in 1853. The white one on the picture (also known as the south tower) is located on a high spot in the village. When the other one (the north tower) was installed with a rotating lense in 1911 it wasn't necessary anymore for the island to have 2 lighthouses for landmarks. From 1950 until 1992 it was then in use as a water tower. Nowadays Telecom Services use it for their antennas.

I posted a photo of the red lighthouse (the north tower) a while ago, if you would like to see it click HERE.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, very great picture of lighthouse! I love lighthouses and I have saw this summer 10 lighthouse, 5 in Estonia and 5 in Finland (I live in Finland). If you want see them, here is link to my blog: http://haaveenahyvakuva.blogspot.fi/2014/10/ronnskar.html?showComment=1413308627094#c1860533433586938476

    Lihgthouse names are: Rönnskär, Kallbådan, Tallinna and Helsinki, Tahkuna, Ristan Kihnu and Kõpu.

  2. Seems like a very good use of an old lighthouse.

  3. I love lighthouses too. This one stands out.

  4. Gelukkig dat hij nog gebruikt kan worden voor de communicatie.


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