21 november 2014

Marga Weimans exhibition

These photos taken in the Groninger Museum are from the first major solo exhibition of the work of Dutch fashion designer Marga Weimans (1970). She graduated from the Royal Academy for Fine Art in Antwerp in 2005, and is seen as one of the most striking designers of this moment. This creation 'Wonderland' was made of colourful felt, and was inspired by the contrast between dream and reality.

Characteristic for Weimans work are the richly contrasting graphic patterns, by means of which she refers to her Surinamese background. The theme of the collection of this last photo is 'Citylife'.

I visited the Groninger Museum yesterday, and just managed to view this wonderful exhibition as it ends this Sunday.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Weer eens wat anders als het gewone stofje. Mooi.

  2. I can just see me now bicycling down my local neighborhood streets in that first outfit. :-)

  3. I houd hier wel van vooral de eerste vind ik prachtig!


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