2 november 2014

Warm November day

A soft breeze, a bright sun and blue skies, birds chasing eachother through a bush, and neighbours who were mowing their lawns. This was our 1st of November, with record breaking high temperatures of about 21°C (69,8°F) in the south of the Netherlands!
But let's be realistic. In less than 1,5 months we'll be decorating our Christmas trees again.. ;)

I took this photo yesterday afternoon, zooming in on the cherry tree in our garden.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I should be in the Netherlands this weekend. :-)

  2. Lucky you! Right now it is -2 °C here.

  3. Oih boys - you lycky. So warm !
    We have raining whole day ad the temperatur is +7 C

  4. Bizar weer he, ik zag zelfs een vlinder vliegen!

  5. Ja het valt wel op maar weten we het volgende week nog?

  6. Great composition in this shot!

    We had plenty of rain in October, but we're being blessed now with dry weather, but a good deal cooler than you.

  7. It has also been unseasonably warm here in Berlin. This weekend we had 17 - 18 degrees, I saw some people in shorts on the golf course!


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