18 februari 2015

Elan Valley Trail

Looking back here to our visit to the Elan Valley in mid Wales, last August. This valley is well known from The Elan Valley Reservoirs, a chain of five man-made lakes created from damming the Elan and Claerwen rivers. We spent a wonderful day walking the Elan Valley Trail; a path suitable for walkers and cyclists, following the line of the railway used in the building of the dams.
This sign was next to the valley Visitor Centre, where we stopped for a rest and a drink.

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12 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great find! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. A sturdy looking marker. The shot works just right in black and white.

  3. Beautiful craftsmanship ... I really like this sign and your photo ... And the trail walk sounds wonderful!

  4. A wonderful sign. And I'm sure a wonderful place too!

  5. Very nice as cyclist to see if the wind is in front or backing you up on your trip. I would like to see that more by bike paths.

  6. daar moet toch wel minstens een coureur wonen!!


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