23 februari 2015

Zuidlaren bakery

This bakery in the centre of Zuidlaren advertises for the real 'Zuidlaarderbollen'. The Zuidlaarderbol is a large round bread, richly filled with raisins and currants. In the past this type of bread was regarded to be the 'ideal' bread for the farmers in this area, as it was very nutritious. For me it is a real treat and just delicious to eat with some butter :)

Nowadays the Zuidlaarderbol is baked in large quantities especially in the weeks prior to the Zuidlaardermarkt, an annual horse and country market that is held in October. The horse market is the largest in Europe, and is attended by Dutch, German and Belgian horsetraders.

The bakery has a nice sign as well, I think I will post a close-up of it on a later date.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I'd be spending time in there on a regular basis!

  2. The bread sounds wonderful! I love the brick in that building.

  3. Mmmm, dat klinkt wel er lekker, een soort krentenmik, elke streek schijnt zijn eigen krentenbrood te hebben.


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