9 juni 2015

Cappuccino and poffert in Smeerling

During our bicycle trip last Sunday we stopped halfway at Gasterij Natuurlijk Smeerling, in the small village of Smeerling, for (yes haha, you may have guessed) a cappuccino. This tearoom/restaurant in a beautifully restored farm is located in the Ruiten Aa-valley in the Westerwolde region.
Besides our cappuccinos (served with a cookie named Janhagel, and a candy mint), we both had a piece of poffert, a local dish resembling raisin bread/cake. Served warm, with some butter and soft brown sugar, it was an absolutely delicious treat!
Can life be any better on a Sunday morning? :)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat ziet er geweldig uit. Mijn moeder kwam uit zuidbroek en maakte vroeger wel eens poffert. Ik vond het erg lekker maar wel machtig

  2. Great picture! Love the way everything on the table is in focus.


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