21 juni 2015

Good start of the day

Due to different working hours (and days) we do not often eat breakfast together, so on holidays we enjoy it and take our time in the morning. Our hotel at the Steenhouwersvest in Antwerp served a 'healthy breakfast' as they called it. No breakfast buffet where you have to stand in line, but served like this at the table: a plate with several hearty and sweet sandwich fillings, a boiled egg, fresh fruit, yogurt, orange juice, and coffee or tea. Plus a basket containing different types of bread. Delicious!!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, dat ziet er inderdaad erg goed uit.

  2. on way even though breakfast time was hours ago

  3. Excellent! I like everything, but we are not used to eggs at breakfast...

  4. Dat lijkt me erg lekker - en ook nog beschuit !! Dat kun je hier niet zo makkelijk in de winkel vinden.

    Fijne week Marleen.


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