12 juni 2015


Following up on yesterday's post, this is another photo of the orangerie. Starting in the 17th century many important houses had an orangerie in which plants could survive the winter. Over time these small and stylish buildings became a fashion. Not only plants, but also guests felt home in them, compare it to the conservatory we know nowadays.
This orangerie can seat 20 people, but when the weather is good plenty more people can have a seat. Since 2009 it is also the wedding location for the municipality of Tynaarlo.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. It's such a beautiful building, Marleen!

  2. I thought that was the purpose of a pub--well, maybe not for plants. ;-)

  3. Love this place.
    Your previous door is also beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend, Marleen.


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