11 juli 2015

Coffee made me do it

"Every now and then you need a good reason why you did something. Whether good or bad. When all else fails, blame it on the powers of coffee." That is one of the lines from a design called Words Brand USA, so I just learned.
The initial reason for me to take this picture however was the carrier bicycle; note the baby carriage in there! And I wonder if anyone knows who the gentleman in the round photo is?

The street reflecting here is a side street of the Meir, in Antwerp.

I'm linking to Weekend Reflections.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha! I like it...blame it on the coffee :)

  2. Veel te zien op deze foto. Leuk.

  3. Grappig dat dit weer een heel andere bakfiets is dan je hier ziet. De meneer met zijn tongetje is geen bekende voor mij.

  4. I do not drink enough coffee for this...

  5. I will have to remember this saying. No idea who the man is... though he looks somehow familiar.

  6. Quite a sign, though I couldn't use that excuse- I don't like coffee!

  7. The bike looks smart. I need GOOD coffee, so I guess I would have tried out the place.
    The photo, well it looks a bit like Albert Einstein is related to him, or not?

    Happy weekend!


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