13 juli 2015

Kaas Mural

This mural at the Korte Nieuwstraat in Antwerp pictures the cover of the comic book "Kaas" ("Cheese") from 2008, by Dick Matena. "Kaas" originally is a novel from 1933 by Willem Elsschot, a classic in Flemish literature. 
The drawing shows a man called Laarmans carrying a bag with round cheeses, who crosses the Grote Markt with the City Hall and the Brabo Fountain in the background. The story tells about an Antwerp office-clerk (Laarmans), who all of a sudden decides to change his life and starts his own branch office in Edam cheese.

Dick Matena (1943) is a Dutch comics writer and cartoonist. At the age of 17 (in 1960) he starts working at the Toonder studios, and helps with the drawing projects of Tom Poes, or Tom Puss in English.
The mural is part of the Comic Book Mural Trail in Antwerp.

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11 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the paintings on the facades of buildings ! Thanks for sharing your photos !

  2. That seems a perfect spot for a mural like this!

  3. What a creative mural indeed. Very striking.

  4. Wonderful image. The artist managed to make it look like a pen and ink drawing. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  5. That's a BIG mural. I like it and the story behind it is also interesting.

  6. Mooie mural. Ik vraag me altijd af hoe de artiesten dat doen. Dat vergroten van een bestaande tekening naar een muur.

  7. Another great fit with its surroundings.


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