7 juli 2015

MAS - the building

 Located at the Antwerp 'Het Eilandje' ('The Small Island')-district, the MAS is a striking building. Its design was inspired by a 16th century storehouse or 'Hanzehuis'. The outside consists of red stone from India and curved expanses of glass 6 metres high. MAS is short for 'Museum Aan de Stroom' or 'Museum At the Stream'. At the 9 floors inside are several museums, and the roof at the 10th floor offers a 360 degr panoramic view of the the city, river and port.  More about that view later!

The red tower is covered with 3,000 hands in aluminium which reflect the sunlight. And as I mentioned in previous posts (you may well remember), hands and Antwerp have a historical connection!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. het is en blijft een echte publiekstrekker..

    een prachtig gebouw, waar enkele gebreken zich inmiddels manifestern


    1. Hoi Willy, daar hebben wij eerlijk gezegd niets van gemerkt! :)

  2. How neat! I wouldn't have noticed the silver spots are hands!

  3. I like the patterns on the exterior. Very pleasing to the eye.

  4. Certainly makes a statement, but as seen from this angle it wouldn't seem as well-suited to its environment as yesterday's mural.

  5. It's really unusual architecture. But I like it.

  6. An architectural wonder: quite original and imposing. I am curious about the view...

  7. Ja dat is een mooi museum met een geweldig uitzicht.


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