22 maart 2016

Norg and De Hoop

This is a photo from Sunday a week ago, taken during a hike near the village of Norg with a view on a mill named 'De Hoop' ('The Hope'). Built in 1857 it was originally a barley mill. In 1878 De Hoop was converted to a corn mill; during WW2 it was needed to to produce flour to feed the people of Norg.
After several owners and restorations, the mill turned for the last time on 24 August 1996. A year later the Drenthe Mills Society bought De Hoop, and they restored it to full working order again in 2000. The sails are quite special, in fact this is the only windmill in the Netherlands fitted with so-called Bilau sails.

I'm linking to St Germain's Blog and Seasons.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. It's quite a beautiful windmill. Very unusual!

  2. These only seem to make even more sense these days.

  3. Hartelijk dank voor linking deze foto voor SEASONS! Vooral de naam van de molen the Hoop! Zo gepast, denkend aan wat er gisteren gebeurde in Brussel. Thanks so much Marleen for being a part of Seasons, and hope to see you next week:)

  4. Windmills are magical in my mind. What I like the most about your photo is the branches in the foreground, which I'm imagining are slightly swaying in the breeze as the windmill's sails do their thing.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  5. De molen heeft inderdaad aparte zeilen op de wieken, mooi plaatje zo.


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